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How does our Duluth bed and breakfast flower garden grow?


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We began planting flower seeds in February down in the lower level of the mansion and that included lights that were on timers, fans, heat, water, and lots of tender loving care and attention. We planted cosmos, petunias and wave petunias, alyssum, marigolds, and tomato seeds.

Front door planters

Firelight planters full of color adorn the front entrance to The Firelight Inn on Oregon Creek Bed and Breakfast

Over the winter months we would adjust the lighting as the flowers grew and transplanted them as needed into larger containers. It was a challenge to find the perfect watering and light schedule! The key was moving them from warm basement and acclimating them to Duluth’s cold spring weather this year. We were successful in most cases!


French lilacs are blooming and are so very fragrant!

We planted the French lilac bush about five years ago and the scent of this specific variety is overwhelming at times!


Hanging planters on the spiral staircase overlooking Oregon Creek

It’s so much fun planting all the plants in the hangers and watching them thrive in the sunshine although this Spring and Summer in Duluth have been colder than usual. We took a trip to Gerten’s Garden Store in Inver Grove Heights in mid May and purchased some favorite flowers to place in hanging planters along with the flowers we grew. They always have such a variety of healthy flowers to choose from and we look forward to that annual trip each year.


Marigolds, alyssum and petunias!


Lush fern and hosta line the driveway at The Firelight Inn on Oregon Creek Bed and Breakfast

We continually struggle with the slugs and snails around the hosta plants along the driveway but Jim now has it down to a fine science!


The Firelight fairy garden of succulents.

An old wheelbarrow and bird bath are now beautiful succulent fairy gardens complete with birds, bird houses, and precious fairy delights!


Birds grace the succulent garden.


Birds like to stay at The Firelight Inn on Oregon Creek Bed and Breakfast too!

Another special trip we took this spring was to the Macy’s flower show where we purchased special bird houses to grace our gardens.


Wave petunia grown from seed!


Colorful planters on the outdoor deck overlooking Oregon Creek below.


Hanging planters overlooking the rock wall along Oregon Creek.


Our Firelight tomato plants are standing tall!

The tomato plants will hopefully produce lots of tomatoes for us this year. The growing season is so short and this year it’s cooler by the lake more than ever so we will have to see how it goes with the tomato plants.


Iris in full bloom in the Firelight garden.

Mom would be so proud of the beautiful Iris growing in the back garden–purple and yellow.

We hope you can visit us this summer while the flowers are in full bloom and take in the gardens and plants at The Firelight Inn on Oregon Creek Bed and Breakfast. We look forward to being your hosts for your birthday, anniversary, honeymoon, vacation or romantic getaway to Duluth Minnesota.

Jim and Joy Fischer
“Let the warmth of the firelight surround you!”

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