The beautiful North woods

There is deer feeding outside the kitchen window at The Firelight Inn in Duluth today. We had a day to enjoy snowmobiling yesterday, Wednesday, January 21st. We headed out around 1 p.m. from the parking lot in Two Harbors on the North Shore Trail. The trail was for the most part in great condition for snowmobiling. There was just one little spot that had seen far too much traffic and not enough of the groomer. After taking a side trail, that had just been groomed and was like riding on air, we arrived in Tofte to get more gas. We then headed back on the North Shore Trail to the Trestle Inn. After enjoying some delicious hot chocolate, chicken sandwich and fries and headed up the Tomahawk Trail to Isabella in the now dark forest! We met another groomer who refused to budge even a little to the side so we buried our sleds to get out of the way for the groomer. After much digging and pulling, we managed to get the sleds back on the trail again and enjoyed riding in the beautiful snow laden forest after dark. Only one deer silently applauded our efforts as we rode the trail. After another gas stop, we headed down the Yukon Trail which was very well groomed and fast. We arrived back at the parking area about 9:30 p.m. after about 175 miles of riding. It was a great trip although a little long and today we can really feel it! Midweek is a great time to enjoy the snowmobile trails in Northern Minnesota. We have a parking spot for your snowmobiles at The Firelight Inn and we have a great January second night half off special. Plan your next getaway now!