Free time, worms, lures, and a boat makes for a good time fishing

Innkeeper Jim took a good friend this morning and hit a local Minnesota lake for a great day of fishing. The cool morning air was refreshing as we launched the bass boat at 5 a.m.

From the first cast as the morning sun peeked over the edge of the horizon on the perfectly still water, we knew this was going to be an exciting fishing outing. As the Rapala twitched slowly on the surface, light sighs of contentment came from the two buddies as they joked about a bet on the first fish. Suddenly the water exploded as the bait was engulfed and Jim’s rod bent with the wildly thrashing fish on the other end. The net soon approached the water gently under the large bass and was soon lifted into the boat. The two buddies looked at each other and smiled. Yes, it was a beautiful morning to be fishing on their favorite secret lake in northern Minnesota!

Joy and Jim Fischer, Innkeepers/Owners
Celebrating 100 years of history in 2010