Reading reviews in guest journals is better than going to the mailbox

Our inspiration is often found in what our guests write in the journal, their online┬áreviews and comment cards of their stay with us. Here is the latest┬ánews from the Brookside Suite–music to our ears!

“July 28, 2010

Dear Jim and Joy–

You have set a benchmark for B&Bs!

Coming in during a downpour was quite an event! However, Jim was so gracious and helping and bringing in the luggage was so very kind.

The eclectic/transitional period to more modern is absolutely phenomenal!

Your warmth and unbeatable hospitality are incredible and establish you as perfect hosts!

Thank you so much for the help in acquiring a dentist for Bob’s “dental emergency.” We are about to see how that all unfolds!

Later…with post-dental visit results!

12:30 – Dr. Adam Huneke, D.D.S. on Piedmont Ave. and his staff, could not have been more efficient or personable! An exam, xray, meds, and we’re back in business. t
Thanks, Joy, for the great directions–and also directions to the Maytag laundromat. Super!

The Strudel breakfast was totally tasty and absolutely magnificent. Thanks for “going the extra mile” to prepare such a scrumptious feast (terrific muffins and poppyseed bread) and Bob, despite the tooth debacle, was able to eat it (feast on it!) comfortably!

How joyful to spend some time this afternoon on the deck! The breeze off Lake Superior has returned, the abnormally high dewpoint has subsided, and it was glorious. Following sun/wind/and lunch from Valentini’s, a nap was in order! What a comfy bed with superb linens. Pure delight and a chance to rest from seeing, driving, and activities. Vacation at its best!

Thanks heaps for the dining referrals. Blackwoods was perfect last night. Scott, the bartender, rounded up some great Knob Creek bourbon–one of our “local” (Kentucky) faves and made fabulous drinks. Food and service were so terrific and the restaurant so wonderfully close that we’re headed there again.

8 PM Another fabulous meal @ Blackwoods. We’re connected with bartender Scott, the waiters and hostesses. Just as you said, Jim, not fine dining, but excellent food. Super variety! We recommend a combo of satisfying appetizers–Bits of tenderloins with onion straws and horseradish crostini–super-super-super!

7-29-10 6:30 a.m. A beautiful day to greet us–sunshine, breezy, and typical lower humidity. A fine night’s reset in a sumptuously-furnished room and we are refreshed.

With 100,000 to 200,000 folks expected to see the Tall Ships, we’re not sure what we will be able to view…but what a fabulous economic boom to the area!

Beautiful morning to sit on the expansive, well-appointed porch and read/relax/talk with a cup of tea. Thanks for all of the authentic conversation. Great chatting with you. Both of you were born to be innkeepers! Your guests want for nothing and your hospitality is boundless!

Another bountiful breakfast! Marvelous Eggs Benedict and the scones were perfect. What a feast!

A little note about the bathrobes…they fit! This is not always the case, so we very much appreciate having the large, roomy, ones! {smiley face written in book]

The all-encompassing best comment we could possibly make is that both of you, Jim and Joy, have successfully anticipated all of your guest travelers’ needs. You are both so accommodating, helpful, and generous. Many thanks.

Some extras we have enjoyed: the hand-crafted “welcome card” greeting us on our arrival! The petal soap is so pretty, dainty, and such festive colors! The offer of wine, the ultra quiet/high-tech room AC. The available relaxing music.

AMENITIES ABOUT! YES! You both have this “professional innkeeper” thing mastered. Kudos.

What a relaxing day! After travels to Hayward, WI and Grand Marais/Hovland with many activities, this “lazy day” has been delightful.

Thanks for the use of your printer to print off our boarding passes. We have so very much enjoyed our time here and look forward to a return visit!

Cool things about this room: Positioning of the table to enhance illumination from windows. Convenience of electronics, but they do not dominate the room. The splendid mirrors on wall. Fireplace. Comfy chairs/table and marvelous ultra-comfy sofa. Rocking chair to relax in. Super comfy bed and gorgeous linens. Dresser space for several people. (Back to bed) often a 4-poster consumes the room, but not here. Triangular-shaped jacuzzi doesn’t take up lots of space but two people (even we Amazons) can fit comfortably! Oversize wastebaskets and places to hang things. The silent AC. Great bath mats for comfort. Plenty of pillows! (for great sleeping!)

7-30-10 Our last morning in Duluth. The initial part of our journey from Burlington, KY took us to Hayward, WI for the World Lumberjack Championships. Very warm weather, blue skies and lots of physically fit folks showing strength and endurance. Great food and the stay at the McCormack House was a delight. That time was afforded Bob as a “big birthday” gift.

Next leg required driving up North on 53 to 61 to Grand Marais, where Bob used to be a logger (30+ years ago). Big memories there. Then, in the midst of a terrific thunderstorm, we drove south on the North Coast (61) to this remarkably beautiful Firelight Inn. On the porch we’re enjoying the many varieties of tea on is 1,000 square feet with 6-7 tables, comfy chairs, great literature and opportunities for relaxation abound. What a calm and terrific way to begin the day and the journey home.

This most charming and fascinating B&B is located in the perfect part of Duluth. Surrounded by well-kept-up mansions, a dead end, a tree-cheated buffer zone, it is so quiet. That is not easy in a city the size of Duluth (especially with major events such as The Tall Ships in town). SERENITY — no motor cycles, barking dogs, or screaming infants leads to the perfect ambiance. So delightful to walk away from the hustle/bustle of every day life and the regions of “have-tos”.

So, we came to celebrate Bob’s big birthday, but I have enjoyed it equally. We are already planning a re-visit–the dates need to be firmed up but we will make it happen.

We are hopeful that some of this less humid air and cooler temps will travel sound with us today. The summer has been so hot with incredibly high tropical dewpoints so we’re hoping Canadian/Minnesotan high pressure drudges southward.

We also hope to return having more of your wonderful warmth and kindness “rubbed off” on us.

Jim and Joy–you are both phenomenally giving and caring. The Lord must be very pleased to see you spending so much of your time for the contentment and happiness of others. We are truly blessed for having stayed here! We will leave refreshed and return home to Kentucky with a new perspective–body and soul. When we allow God to lead us, we always get to the best places–and right where we should be.

Having such a labor-intensive business, you recognize the need for personal leisure also. Our prayers for you will be to have a successful summer and then have God lead you to a beautiful paradise for some rest and relaxation. You more than deserve it. You’re the best!

Joyfully, prayerfully, and with great delight, Bob and Judy Parsons. Burlington, KY 41005

P.S. The great potato breakfast rates 5 stars! Ditto the strudel!”

Joy and Jim Fischer, Innkeepers/Owners
Celebrating 100 years of history in 2010