Amazing Guests at our Bed and Breakfast

The best thing about our jobs as Innkeepers is meeting amazing people from all over the world. Just last week, we hosted guests from Tanzania, East Africa. Guests this past weekend tried our Inn for their first bed and breakfast experience and, of course, returning guests were a part of our weekend too.
Phil and Vonna were guests of ours this last weekend and they stayed in our Isle Royale Suite traveling from Savage, Minnesota. They had a great time on the Timber Twister at Spirit Mountain on Saturday and even took a video of their ride down the hill. They enjoyed snowshoeing at Hartley Park and then returned for a warm bubble bath in the jacuzzi across from the fireplace in the Isle Royale Suite.Upon checking out, Vonna expressed what a good time they had and how grateful she was to be with us since only a few years ago she was suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and was confined to a wheelchair. She went on to tell us about God healing her from her sickness and restoring her body. She now works as a Christian Family Counselor. The have a website where they tell the story of his illness and her restoration. We are blessed to have met these folks and look forward to meeting and greeting more people who share their life with us.
Many of our guests know the little sign that is under each bed. Today as I was cleaning the Isle Royale Suite a little sign was sitting right next to ours. Thanks Vonna and Phil–you made my day!
This weekend we are treating guests to a Chicken Wild Rice soup supper with fresh bread on the evening they arrive and champagne and chocolates on the second evening. We still have a couple suites left so make your plans to be with us January 14-15-16, 2011.
Joy and Jim Fischer, Innkeepers/Owners

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  1. We’ve just uploaded the video of our ride on the Timber Twister to YouTube:

    After leaving the Firelight Inn on Sunday, we drove up along the North Shore, enjoyed the scenery (including a bald eagle that seemed to be posing for pictures along the roadside), and then did some more snowshoeing at Split Rock State Park. The climb to the top of Day Hill was somewhat strenuous, but the view was worth it. Of course, the most amazing thing about it was that this was accomplished by someone who, seven and a half years ago, was officially designated “permanently disabled” and in a wheelchair due to her rapidly advancing and incurable MS. Thanks for linking to our website; we never get tired of sharing our story.

    We’re glad you enjoyed the little sign we left for you. Vonna laughed when she saw the “We look under here, too!” card, and I couldn’t resist the urge to respond.

    Thanks again for a weekend full of wonderful memories!

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