Innkeepers Hit North Shore Snowmobile Trail

Innkeepers took a break from innkeeping on Wednesday afternoon and rode their snowmobiles on the North Shore Trail. It only took about fifteen minutes to get to the parking lot on the Martin Road and another fifteen minutes to get the snowmobiles off the trailer and on to the freshly groomed trail.

We headed North on the trail towards Two Harbors for about 18 miles and then turned on the Pequayan Trail towards one of our favorite stops–The Pequayan Inn. About half way there the snow laden evergreen trees looked like they had been frosted by a professional baker!

We enjoyed a delicious lunch of hot chocolate, burgers and fries and Jim had the opportunity to chat with some fellow riders from the Twin Cities who needed directions. They chatted about the trails, where they all grew up and Jim had an opportunity to talk about our historic bed and breakfast Inn.

We headed back down the trail and we encountered a dog musher and his team who were practicing for the upcoming John Beargrease Sled Dog race. He waved us by and we slowly passed the dog team admiring their focus and determination. Oh how I wish my camera would have taken that shot!

As the afternoon slipped away and beginning of darkness appeared we saw bunnies crossing the trail as if they were being chased! We didn’t slow down to wait for their predator! The ride back was awesome and through Jim’s communication helmet he could hear Joy exclaiming “Wee, wee, wee” all the way home!

It’s a wonderful time of the year–the “quiet season” to enjoy Duluth and our property. Bring your snowmobiles and we’ll go for a ride together!

Joy and Jim Fischer, Innkeepers/Owners
“Let the warmth of the firelight surround you!”