A Quilt Tribute on Mother’s Day

My Tribute to my Mother on Mother's Day 2014

Finished Mother’s Day Quilt

Joy and her quilt tribute for her Mother

Joy with her finished quilt in honor of her Mother on Mother’s Day 2014

Innkeeper Joy remembers her Mother on Mother’s Day with a special quilt!

When I was a little girl my Mom taught me to sew and to love fabric and sewing.  We sewed together making clothes, doll clothes, pin cushions, pillows, and quilts.  As I got older and started making heart quilts and personalized baby quilts and toys, my Mom was the one who would spend hours cutting material for me and prepping projects with me.  My Mom never threw away any material and would even cut squares of old clothing for quilts.  She picked up material and sewing projects are garage sales and cherished each and every deal she got!

One of the projects we began when I was about eight years old was a scrap quilt made from two inch squares sewed together as a block with a print fabric of two squares and a plain fabric of two squares.  Then we started sewing the blocks together and the quilt began to take shape.  I recall my Mother’s old black Singer sewing machine as we began this quilt.  Well, the project was put away for many, many years and over the winter I decided it was time to get the project out and finish it.

What I found in a box was the original quilt we started that measured about three feet square.  You have to realized that this box has been stored away for over thirty years!  The box mostly contained hundreds of two inch squares (precut by Mom) and just waiting to be matched together and sewn together.  As I looked at the quilt and the piles of squares many of the colorful fabrics brought memories of projects we had made together, special pajamas she had made for my brothers and me, beautiful blouses Mom had made for herself and dresses we had made together for me to wear.  So each fabric was a trip down memory lane for me.  This cold and snowy winter was the perfect opportunity to sew!

Joy Signature
I embroidered my “Joy” signature on the corner of the quilt back

So I went to work matching fabric squares and sewing them together during this long drawn-out winter.  I got excited to think I would finish this beautiful quilt and decided it would just be a lap quilt that I can use to relax and watch television or read a book.  My Mom’s favorite material was gingham and I think she would approve of the red gingham backing and red binding that I hand sewed top and bottom.  I tied each corner of each square with colors of embroidery floss that matched the fabric square rather than having it machine quilted.  With lavender embroidery floss I signed the bottom corner of the quilt when I finished.

When you stay with us, tell me you read my Mother’s Day blog and I will show you the quilt!

Mothers Day Quilt

A close up picture of squares of Mothers Day quilt

So I share this quilt on Mother’s Day in honor of my Mom Ruby Rydquist who inspired me to sew and loved me more than I could ever comprehend.  I felt her smiling down upon my finished quilt and saying “Good work Joy–it’s beautiful and so are you”.

Thanks Mom and Happy Mother’s Day!
Joy Fischer
“Let the warmth of the firelight surround you!”


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  1. What a great project to finish in honor of your mom! My mom and I sewed and quilted together many years. She too is now gone but certainly not forgotten. I have a couple of quilts that my grandmother, mom and I all helped put together and the fabric was from clothes sewn for the ladies of the family as well as the boys! Great memories. Thanks for sharing your quilt with me!

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