A Colorwash Heart Quilt

Colorwash Heart Quilt

Colorwash Heart Quilt hanging at Duluth Bed and Breakfast

The colorwash heart quilt is finally finished and hanging up at our bed and breakfast in my craft room on second floor.  Years ago when Duluth hosted a Minnesota Quilt Show, I attended and so enjoyed looking at the beautiful finished quilts and quilting supplies.  I purchased the colorwash heart quilt kit only hoping that one day I would complete it.

The fabrics that were provided in the kit that I bought were not really like the picture on the front of the quilt kit so off I went to find different fabrics that really inspired me.  My love for pansies lead the search!  Over many months and many stores, I finally found the fabrics that were just perfect for my quilt project.  I choose fabrics with pansies, small flowers and fabrics with stems and leaves.  My favorite color is lavender so I wanted to incorporate lots of colors of purple.  I read the strip piecing directions over and over and over and even had a couple friends read them and try to make sense of the strip piecing process that I was not familiar with.  Included with the kit was a piece of interfacing with squares printed on it for the layout because it was important that you placed the fabrics in such a way to make the heart the focal point and use the light and dark fabrics around the heart and in the lower corners.

So I began cutting two-inch squares and ignoring the directions that were provided, I began to lay out the colorwash heart quilt.  Some of the fabrics that I had picked out weren’t really working out for this project so off I went back to the quilt store to find more fabric.  The process of finding the right fabric actually continued for a few years.  Finally I began sewing squares together to make a row and then rows together to make my quilt.  The border from black and white was the last squares that I sewed together and attached to the quilt.

Then a call to my friend Andrea who machine quilted my Log Cabin Quilt a few years ago and she happily came over to get the quilt, the backing and the batting to work her magic.  She did a beautiful job as always of making the quilt come together and I’m so proud to show the finished quilt!

Our guests Sandy and Miles from Bemidji stayed with us for their anniversary again this year in April and I showed the quilt project to Sandy because she loves to quilt too.  She mentioned that her husband Miles makes hangers for all her projects.  So Miles made me the wooden hanger which is perfect for this quilt to hang on the wall and looks beautiful.  Thanks Miles and we look forward to seeing you and Sandy again next year for your anniversary at the Inn.

If you love quilting as I do, I would love to show you the quilt on your next stay with us.   Ask me to see the quilt that is hanging in my craft room and I would be happy and proud to show it to you!

Joy Fischer
“Let the warmth of the firelight surround you!”


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