Firelight Innkeeper Joy’s Hanky Panky Quilt Blocks

When I was a little girl my Aunt Addie gave me hankies of all colors, sizes and prints.  I kept them pressed and folded in my cedar chest for years and years.  I came upon a book entitled Hanky Panky Quilts a few years ago and it inspired me significantly!

After looking through the book, I got out my supply of hankies and began to sort them by color.  It didn’t take long before I had seven piles of color coordinated hanky projects.  Then I went to my fabric stash (many of you know exactly what I’m talking about!) and my extra lace, beads, buttons, and precious jewelry.  Eventually I needed to shop for some perfect border fabric and extras but a lot of the finished projects were made with my precious “stash”.

After one year (2014) I completed seven hanky panky quilt blocks each with their own style, color, precious memories and jewelry and a story to tell.  Please take time to scroll down and read the captions of each picture for details and I look forward to showing you each quilt block when you come to stay with us

Happy sewing!
Joy Fischer, Owner/Innkeeper
The Firelight Inn on Oregon Creek Bed and Breakfast
“Let the warmth of the Firelight surround you!”

Pink Hanky Panky Quilt Block

Pink button ribbon edges the pink rosebud fabric border of Joy’s hanky panky quilt block.

Hanky Panky quilt block with flower embroidered hanky surrounded by mini pink buttons. This block includes my special pins from Job’s Daughters and my sons’ Boy Scouts Mother pins and pink rosebud earrings. A pearl garland around the edge made the finishing touch.

The blue Hanky Panky quilt block includes a “Mother” hanky I gave to my mother Ruby when I was a little girl.


My silver Job’s Daughters charm bracelet is at the top of the block. Special heart buttons are my favorite. The blue tatted edge hanky was painful to cut up! The silver heart chain graces the bottom edge of the block.

I finished the Christmas hanky panky quilt block just before Christmas 2014. I searched and searched for the perfect poinsettia pins to add with the holly hankies.

Poinsettia hankies, pins, buttons and red gems. I embroidered over the red flowers on the hanky so the colors were just right!

Joy’s favorite hanky panky quilt block! Another “Mother” hanky in the center along with Mother charms and pins and lots of colorful buttons. I was so excited when I found the colorful border fabric.

I’m sure my Mother would say “Great job Joy” and this would be her favorite quilt block too.

The creation of this block began with just one hanky that said “To you my dear with loads of love”. The black embroidered hankies are so detailed and accented with silver embroidery and a heart pin.

Hearts galore–red, black, white, silver–love it!

Some old hand embroidered doilies were my inspiration for this beautiful pink and blue hanky panky quilt block.

Mini buttons compliment the embroidery with blue and pink jewels and heart pins that were my mom’s. So precious to me…

This was the first block I made with purple hankies and doilies accented with silver jewelry and purple buttons. My Aunt Addie would highly approve!

Cutting the hankies and doilies for my first quilt block was a little scary but I’m proud of my creation and it is very special to me.

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