Christmas Wreaths are Hung throughout the Inn with Care

Firelight Inn Wreaths

Two fresh wreaths adorn each side of the front door of The Firelight Inn on Oregon Creek Bed and Breakfast

Front porch wreath

Huge candy canes, Joy ornaments, flowers and a big bow adorn the wreath above the front porch fireplace at The Firelight Inn on Oregon Creek Bed and Breakfast

Small red cardinal wreath

A small wreath with red cardinals is hung on the round mirror in the bird-themed front porch

Firelight Front Door Holiday Swag

The festive front door swag on the glass-enclosed porch at The Firelight Inn

Dark red holiday swag

Dark red décor and poinsettias fill the holiday swag as you enter the Firelight room at the Inn

Merry Christmas from the Owners/Innkeepers at The Firelight Inn on Oregon Creek Bed and Breakfast in Duluth, Minnesota.  We welcome you to the Inn this holiday season to see the beautiful holiday decor and stay with us for a romantic holiday getaway!

The first wreaths you will see when you arrive at the Inn will be the two fresh wreaths on either side of the front door. Red and green balls, huge silver pine cones and big red bows of wired ribbon complete these 36 inch fresh wreaths.

When you enter the glass enclosed front porch you will see the decorated swag hanging on the front door.  More red and green Christmas balls, flowers and another wire-ribbon red bow.  Over the huge fireplace in the front porch is the largest wreath (with the exception of the wreath that hangs outside on the second story) that is filled with red flowers, “Joy” ornaments, huge candy canes and a huge bow.  Small red cardinals gather on a small wreath hanging on a round mirror in the “bird-themed” front porch of the Inn.

Once inside the Inn check out the swag hanging in The Firelight Room.  Dark red poinsettias, gold and red décor and flowers and a bow complete this front door swag.

Cookie cutter wreath

Cookie cutters glued together make up this Firelight kitchen wreath

Many cookie cutters make up the handmade wreath hanging in the kitchen with a gingerbread bow.  A hot glue gun was used by Joy to create this fun wreath.

Copper themed kitchen wreath

A copper color and theme makes up another Firelight Inn kitchen wreath

A small wreath by the kitchen picture window reminds us it is truly Christmas time!  The view is beautiful today as we have received new snow and a couple deer are wandering through the creek looking for their breakfast.

As you stroll through the Inn you will find a green wreath in the second floor hallway.  A masterpiece of holiday décor for our historic home.



Gold wreath at The Firelight Inn

Ask to see the small gold wreath in Joy’s craft room–a little treasure!

Green holiday wreath at The Firelight Inn

A true holiday masterpiece created with green poinsettias and fun Christmas décor

You can ask to see the wreath Joy created that hangs in her craft room.  It’s a small gold wreath  created just to remind her of this special season!

In the Isle Royale Suite a red wreath hangs on the mirror which is decorated in the red theme of that romantic suite.  In the Brookside Suite is a wreath created with purple Christmas balls and silver dated ornaments.  An outdoor “fishing” theme wreath greets our guests staying in the Northwoods Suite this holiday season.  In the luxurious sitting room of the Superior Suite is a big wreath on the wall adorned with blue Christmas ornaments that Joy made.  Those beautiful ornaments are also on the mantle along with holiday poinsettias.

Isle Royale Christmas wreath

Red is the color for romance in the Isle Royale Suite this Christmas and all year long!

Northwoods Suite wreath

A fishing theme Christmas wreath greets you in the Northwoods Suite this year!

Make your plans to see all the holiday décor at The Firelight Inn on Oregon Creek Bed and Breakfast in Duluth Minnesota.  They will be up through the second weekend in  January 2017.  We look forward to greeting you at our very historic and very beautiful Inn all dressed up for Christmas!

Brookside Suite wreath

Silver ornaments, purple and silver Christmas balls and silver bow along with deep purple décor complete the Brookside Suite wreath this season!


Superior Suite wreath

In keeping with the blue theme in the Superior Suite, Joy has created this wreath with blue ornaments she made with sparkly material and silver bows. The mantel is adorned with blue ornaments and poinsettias also!

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