Our Snowmobile Ride on Martin Luther King Holiday

Snowmobile Sign

Snowmobile sign as you enter CJ Ramstad North Shore Trail

CJ Ramstad

CJ Ramstad Picture at parking lot in Two Harbors

CJ Ramstad North Shore Trail

The snowmobile map and signage at the parking lot in Two Harbors

We took advantage of the Martin Luther King Holiday today to enjoy our first snowmobile ride of the season.  We loaded up and headed north and stopped in Two Harbors to fill the tanks of the sleds.  There were lots of trucks and trailers in the parking lot just off of Highway 2 when we arrived.  After getting everything set and making sure our helmet communicators worked, we were off for our first ride of the season on this beautiful day!

The CJ Ramstad North Shore Trail was in pretty good condition after a busy holiday weekend for snowmobiling.  It was about 30 degrees and sunny which made riding even more enjoyable.  There were families of snowmobilers, couples enjoying a ride together and lots of guys on fast, turbo sleds on the trails today.

We rode up the trail and stopped at one of the shelters just to rest for a moment.  The winter wonderland was so peaceful and beautiful.  Then as we were back on the trail and I was following Jim, a Snowy Owl swooped down just over his head and then into the trees.  It was one of those “oh my goodness–that just happened” moments.

We saw a sign on the trail that pointed to a corridor trail that lead to the Rustic Inn which is one of our favorite places to stop and enjoy lunch or dinner when we are up the North Shore.  We rode 9 miles East and just south of Beaver Bay where we enjoyed a wonderful lunch.  I had a yummy turkey sandwich on wild rice bread and Jim enjoyed fish and chips.  The homemade chips were crisp and warm.  All the calories we expended riding the snowmobiles were destroyed with a piece of pie for dessert!

Then back on the trail and we returned to the parking lot where many of the trucks and trailers were already gone.  We loaded up and headed for home thinking the first ride of the season was a big success.  Hopefully, there will be more of those rides this winter.  If you love to snowmobile, bring your sleds when you stay with us at The Firelight Inn on Oregon Creek Bed and Breakfast and we will ride together!

Jim and Joy Fischer


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