Enjoy a Relaxing Massage During Your Time in Duluth Minnesota

Important Update: As of Summer 2016, we were unable to hire a certified and licensed Massage Therapist so our massage therapy is no longer available.  We are happy to recommend Spas in the Duluth area to accommodate your off site massage therapy.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

You can increase your overall feeling of “well-being”, and reduce stress and tension with a massage.  The fact is that massage helps achieve deep relaxation and lowers blood pressure, balances body energy which increases vitality, releases muscle tension and tones muscles and organs, and can increase muscle mobility and reduce pain.

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The massage suite was equipped with one stationary massage table, luxurious linens, aromatherapy, and soothing music. Jojoba oil, either blended with essential oils or unscented, or our luxurious massage lotion with or without essential oil scent was offered.  Hot towels were applied to your feet at the end of the session.

Pampering yourself and your loved one with a couple’s teaching massage in our massage therapy suite was the perfect way to enhance your romantic spa weekend getaway, honeymoon, or anniversary celebration. A massage getaway package is also a wonderful way to show your loved one just how much they mean to you.

Ever wish your partner was a massage therapist? The Couple’s Massage Package lets you and your partner explore the science behind massage therapy and learn some professional massage techniques you can do at home. The two-hour package included a 40-minute demonstration session, a “Massage for Couples” pamphlet of ‘the basics’ to take home, and two 40-minute massages.