Cleanse your hands with a silk petal soap hand made by Innkeeper Joy at The Firelight Inn Bed and Breakfast and feel like royalty!  Silk Petal Soaps are a signature amenity unique to our historic Inn, and no other lodging facility in Minnesota has such a beautiful amenity.  We strive to make everything “just right” for our treasured guests.

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The multi-colored silk petals are hand dipped in glycerin soap base and essential oil at The Firelight Inn on Oregon Creek in Duluth, Minnesota. The petals are used to cleanse hands and then tossed away. They are beautiful in a soap dish, great for guest bathrooms and extra special for gift giving.  You can purchase Silk Petals Soaps packaged in beautiful organza bags available in the Firelight Inn gift shop.

A beautiful organza bag contains 20 or 50 multi-colored beautiful silk petals.  Organza bags may be in colors of burgundy, lavender, pink, or silver, beige or white.  Jars are also available that make for a beautiful gift for that person who has taken care of your children or your home or your dog while you have been away.  Silk Petal Soap colors may include white, yellow, peach, light green, light blue, periwinkle, lavender, deep purple, silver, gold, chocolate, red, and/or burgundy.  Our handmade Silk Petal Soaps are scented with lavender essential oil.  You will find a few Silk Petal Soaps in your bathroom at the Firelight when you check in! 

Silk Petal Soaps
Handmade by Joy at The Firelight Inn on Oregon Creek Bed and Breakfast
2211 East 3rd Street, Duluth, MN 55812
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